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Maryland Horse Council Votes to Support Prince Georges County Casino at Rosecroft Raceway

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Maryland Horse Council Votes to Support Prince Georges County Casino at Rosecroft Raceway
Maryland Horse Council Board of Directors Voted at Annual Meeting on November 19th     

December 5, 2013 - Damascus, MD: On November 19th, at the Maryland Horse Council Annual Meeting at the Miller Senate Office Building in Annapolis, the Board of Directors voted to support locating the Prince Georges County casino at Rosecroft Raceway. Below is the text of a letter written by Maryland Horse Council President Jane Seigler to Video Lottery Facility Location Commission Chairman Don Fry strongly urging the Commission to locate the casino at Rosecroft, and outlining why such a casino at Rosecroft would have huge benefits not only for the horse industry, but also for the community at large.

Text of President Seigler's letter:

"The Maryland Horse Council strongly supports the location of the Prince  
George's County Casino at Rosecroft Raceway.

The Horse Council is the non-profit, umbrella trade association for all equine
related businesses, professions, associations and interest groups in the State of
Maryland. [See] The Horse Council's member
associations represent over 35,000 horse people, and our membership also
comprises farms, businesses, charities, foundations and individual supportive
members. Our membership includes many farms, families and businesses
involved in the Standardbred industry in Maryland, as well as many
individuals who follow and enthusiastically enjoy the sport.

We are sure that the Lottery Commission is well aware of the important
economic impact of the Standardbred industry on the state and local economy:
1,600 jobs, $66,000,000 in assets and 18,000 acres of green space. You
perhaps might not be as aware of the symbiotic relationship among all the
various segments of the horse industry in Maryland. The Standardbred,
Thoroughbred, other sport horse and pleasure horse segments each rely on a
largely integrated network of vendors of everything from feed and hay, to
veterinary medicine, to pickup trucks. Thus the health of each segment
contributes in a very direct way to the health of the entire horse industry in
Maryland - an industry with total assets of $5.6 billion, and which controls
587,000 acres, almost one-third of all the agricultural land in Maryland.
Location of the Casino at Rosecroft will help ensure that the track remains
healthy and thriving, which in turns helps ensure a healthy and thriving
Standardbred industry, a healthy and thriving Maryland horse industry and a
healthy and thriving Maryland economy.

But the economic benefits of locating the Casino at Rosecroft go beyond the
impact on the Standardbred industry and the horse industry as a whole. The
Casino will undoubtedly boost the local economy in general. It just makes
sense that it should be sited where it can be a catalyst for new growth and
economic development, rather than being lumped in with a site that is already
highly developed. The citizens of Prince George's County deserve to enjoy
new economic opportunities at diverse locations, including Rosecroft.

For all of these reasons, the Maryland Horse Council strongly urges the Video
Lottery Facility Location Commission to locate the Prince George's County
Casino at Rosecroft Raceway."

To view a copy of the letter, click HERE.
To learn more about the Maryland Horse Council, click HERE  
Maryland Horse Council
Jane Seigler, President
Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC
Margaret Rizzo, President

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