Thursday, February 14, 2013

WSSC releases final regulations for Rocky Gorge and Triadelphia recreational use, including horseback riding

From TROT president and MHC Trails and Greenways Committee chair, Ron MacNab:

The 2013 WSSC regulations for Rocky Gorge and Tridelphia reservoirs have been released and are a major improvement over the draft regulations.
Here is the complete text of the new regulations.  <>  

Overall the regulations seem reasonable and riders' major concerns have been addressed.

Major Successes:
Horses will continue to use the horse trails and not the access road.
Horse manure will not have to be removed from the trail, but must be removed from the parking lot and roadways.
Sixty-five and older can obtain a free annual pass.

A Few Disappointments:
At $70, Rocky Gorge is an expensive place to ride.  However those who ride less frequently can purchase a daily pass online.
Those who have adjoining properties must pay an annual entrance fee to enter from their property.
Commercial stables are held responsible to see that their boarders purchase and carry permits.

Many thanks to Babara Solner-Webb who lead the effort to preserve the Rocky Gorge trail.  She worked tirelessly, getting petitions, attending meetings and sending out countless emails to keep us energized and involved.

A special thanks to  Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk and Councilperson Mary Lehman who, as elected officials, fought for the interests of their constituents and trailriders everywhere.

Also thanks to WSSC who eventually came around.

TROT with support of the Maryland Horse Council has had three significant success within the last few weeks.
Sunday hunting was defeated in Howard County
Riding was preserved at the Fish & Wildlife, North Track area in Laurel.
Riding trails were preserved at Rocky Gorge Reservoir.
Rider involvement and support of TROT and the MHC is crucial to preserving our trails.

Ron MacNab

A few additional points: horseback riding will be prohibited December 1 - March 14; "unauthorized"cutting or clearing of brush or trees is prohibited; trails may be closed in wet muddy conditions, riders must check on-line daily to see if trails are open.

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