Monday, October 14, 2013

Notice about WSSC Commissioners meeting about winter closing of Rocky Gorge trails

Just received this notice from some avid trail riders and trail policy watchdogs:

  "This Wednesday, October 16, is almost the last WSSC Commisssioners' Meeting before they officially close their riding trail for 3 1/2 months (Dec 1 - March 14) . . ..  Since WSSC's 1/4 million dollar study by EA Engineering said the trails were fine (after 50 plus years of year-round riding, with the riders judging when it is prudent) and WSSC's 2011 claim that winter has the most rainfall has been resoundingly discredited by both NOAA's and WSSC's own data, plus their new 4-FUN "hotline" would close the trail on any wet day anyway, the winter closing really makes no sense.
   We have been advised that our best chance to get this pointless rule changed -- to return to year-round riding, as it had been for all the previous decades -- is through the Commissioners.  A few of us are planning on going to the Commissioners' meeting this Wednesday, to ask to return to allowing winter riding (and to congratulate them on how well the other aspects of the trail have been going).
    The more of us that are there, the bigger effect it will make on the Commissioners.  Please, if you can arrange to come by the WSSC building (Sweitzer Lane, Laurel) this Wednesday morning, October 16 (supposedly 8:30 AM, but in practice, 9 AM should be OK too), to participate in the Commissioners' meeting, it would be super!  The dry winter days are some of the nicest times for riding, and your help can be critical to get the trails re-opened in the winter."

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