Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The Howard County Council is in the process of adopting new zoning regulations for the County.  At this time, it anticipates finalizing the regulations on July 25, 2013.  Included among the changes being considered are ones which would very significantly affect the farm community, particularly those raising livestock (including horses) on small to medium size farms.  These proposed regulations, if passed, will likely make it much more difficult for equine, as well as other specialty farming interests (i.e., sheep, goat and alpaca), to thrive.  These interests are now the backbone of agriculture in the County and contribute vast sums to the County’s tax base and its economy.
Action is needed NOW. E-mail members of the Howard County Council and the County Executive and say “STOP.”  These proposed regulations have not  been discussed with the agricultural community, particularly those on small to medium sized farms who will be most affected.  It is extremely important that this public dialog should occur before any changes to the regulations are made, particularly since these proposed regulations would appear to seriously affect the long term viability of the horse and other specialty livestock industries in the County. 
District 1   Courtney Watson (Elkridge area)
District 2   Calvin Ball (Columbia)
District 3   Jennifer Terrasa (Eastern/Southeastern portion of County)
District 4   Mary Kay Sigaty  (Columbia/ (Highland/Clarksville)
District 5   Greg Fox  (Western Howard County, including Highland and parts of Clarksville)

For more information, contact Susan Gray 240-426-1655,

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