Friday, February 17, 2012

House of Delegates considering changing language in some current law from animal "owners" to animal "guardians"

Via the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association: The Maryland House of Delegates' Environmental Matters Committee is currently considering legislation, HB 912, that would change terminology referring to the relationship between humans and domestic animals from animal and "owner" to animal and "guardian." Both the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association strongly oppose this legislation.

"Guardian" is a legal term that has significant legal implications and repercussions, including giving animal legal standing as "wards" rather than property. MVMA and AVMA have authored a joint statement on HB 912 listing the adverse affects of "guardianship" on animal owners, service providers, society and animals. They will also testify before the Environmental Matters Committee at its hearing on the bill on March 1.

Click here to see the MVMA/AVMA Joint Statement on HB 912

Click here to see the full text of HB 912

Click here to see the roster of Environmental Matters Committee members

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